Electrical Supply

Exhibitors can enjoy full electrical access , with a range of trusted electrical contractors able to provide temporary electrical installations for exhibitions and events.

Your dedicated event planning manager will guide you through each step of the electrical planning process. Electrical mains supply cables and a range of other equipment is available.

The nominal electrical supply is use on temporary exhibitions and event installations is 230V single phase / 400V three phase at 50Hz frequency.

IT Requirements

A full range of IT facilities are available when you choose to exhibit at ADNEC.

Contact our events team for a quotation for any of the below services:

  • High Speed Internet Access.
  • ISDN for broadcasters and radio booths.
  • Fax Lines and machines.
  • Telephone lines, telephone handsets and PDQ lines.

Water & Waste

Water and waste is available at specific locations within the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre halls from designated floor service pits. Water and waste is NOT available from the electrical service trenches.

  • It is important that those responsible for the design and layout of the exhibition or event acquaint themselves with the location of the water and waste service pits in the halls. (These are shown on the venue floor plan).
  • Stands or features requiring water and waste service must be located such that one of the service pits is within the boundary of the stand or feature requiring the service.
  • ADNEC cannot guarantee the availability of water and waste service to areas not served by these service pits. If in doubt your Event Planning Manager will be able to advise on the locations.
  • Water & waste supply pipes are not permitted to be installed across gangways or emergency routes.
  • Stand exhibitors and contractors are responsible for the supply and installation of any aesthetic dressing required to water and waste pipes installed.
  • All water and waste fittings must be accessible at all times in case of emergency.
  • Water is supplied by 1/2 inch standard tap from standard municipal water mains at nominal pressure of 3.5bar.
  • Waste is supplied by means of standard 38mm drain.
  • Waste is suitable for liquid water disposal ONLY.
  • Foodstuffs, oils (including edible oils), dyes, chemicals and other contaminants MUST NOT be disposed of via waste water drains.

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